Adaptive Music Lessons

At the Close School of Music, we believe that all children should be able to enjoy music, regardless of age or ability. Our adaptive music lessons allow every student the opportunity to explore their musical talents, without the pressure of a "standardized" lesson program.

Through the use of colors, numbers, letters, and patterns, individualized songs and exercises are developed to allow the students the ability to play instruments and enjoy familiar songs, without needing to learn how to read music notation. Repetition and pattern emphasis strengthen their understanding of the music, and promotes retention of the music far better than "traditional" teaching. 


Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are the top choice amongst parents, as the linear layout makes it easy for the students to recognize note patterns, and provides a solid core of familiar songs.

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Drum Lessons

Drum lessons are another appropriate option, as the students enjoy the physical movement, and the different drums allow them to follow rhythmic patterns more easily.

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Monday-Friday: 3pm-8pm 
30 minute session - $21 each
5017 W Ridge Rd.
Saturday: 8am-2pm 
60 minute session - $42 each
Spencerport, NY 14559
Sunday: 9am-2pm 
Gift Certificates Available  

Close School of Music 5017 W Ridge Rd Spencerport, NY 14559 (585)617-5439