Drum Lessons

Are you or your child interested in drum lessons? The Close School of Music offers lessons in snare drum, drumset, and mallet instruments.

Beginners normally start on only the snare drum (or drum pad), learning the basics of drums through word association. This makes it easier for the student to understand the rhythms and counting of the music notes.

Intermediate to advanced students begin to learn basic drumset beats, moving into more advanced rhythms and other styles, such as shuffle, funk, swing, and Latin. Once they have developed a strong core of beats, they begin learning and playing along with songs of their choice, tailored to their ability and skill level.


 We carry drum sticks, pads, and more to keep you playing!

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Mallet instruments, such as bells/glockenspiel, vibes, and xylophone/marimba, are normally found in school ensembles. Most percussion students play these in addition to the drums, yet they can be a main instrument of study. We teach beginners who start learning the notes of the instrument, through advanced students playing 4-mallet jazz vibes.

Whether your child is looking to practice their part for the school ensemble, or wants to hold down the groove in their own band, the Close School of Music can accommodate all their needs.

Ready to start drum lessons?  We're open seven days a week to accommodate your schedule!

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Monday-Friday: 3pm-8pm 
30 minute session - $21 each
5017 W Ridge Rd.
Saturday: 8am-2pm 
60 minute session - $42 each
Spencerport, NY 14559
Sunday: 9am-2pm 
Gift Certificates Available  

Close School of Music 5017 W Ridge Rd Spencerport, NY 14559 (585)617-5439