Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele Lessons

Are you looking to learn a musical instrument, but want something different than the "normal" choices? Folk instruments such as banjo and mandolin are gaining in popularity, and not just in Country music. While sharing the same principles as guitar and bass, the playing style for these instruments is different, and opens up more musical creativity.

Guitarists and bassists find learning a second instrument helps their playing, as they learn new tunings and fingerings. This opens up new, creative ideas on their main instrument.


We carry strings, picks, tuners, and more to keep you playing!

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Ukulele, often viewed as an "easy starting instrument for guitar", is becoming widely used in schools to begin the music instrument experience, as it only has four strings and is small enough for children to play more easily. Ukuleles are definitely a fun instrument, and students quickly learn melodies and chords, while building their musical knowledge.

We also offer lessons in ukelin for those avid collectors of vintage instruments.

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Monday-Friday: 3pm-8pm 
30 minute session - $21 each
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60 minute session - $42 each
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Sunday: 9am-2pm 
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