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Piano (or keyboard) is the most popular beginning instrument, and for a good reason; the linear arrangement of the notes makes it easier for young children to see the notes "moving higher or lower". This not only makes it easier to learn the basics of the piano, but translates to other instruments where visualization is less apparent. Piano lessons are a great first step to exploring your musical talent.

Beginning piano students use stickers on the keys to help them learn the layout of the notes, and use matching letters and numbers to play well-known children's songs. As the student advances, the repertoire moves into classical favorites and popular music to keep the students engaged, and aides them in detecting wrong notes and rhythms.


Piano is an excellent choice for students with Autism and other developmental disabilities.  The linear arrangement makes it easier to recognize patterns, and they can easily learn familiar songs. We offer lessons for these students that strengthen their abilities and allow them to explore their interests.

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Music Theory is intermixed with piano lessons, making written music more understandable. When students recognize scales and common chords, they more fully understand the music, not merely "playing the notes".

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